Adam & Jodi- Dubuque, IA

Let's play the "what if" wedding planner game:

  • What if my client planned a wedding through a pandemic?

  • What if my client relocated their wedding out of state?

  • What if my client had a vendor who insisted on being behind plexiglass?

  • What if my client received poorly printed wedding programs?

  • What if my client was told the hotel double booked their wedding suite?

Do I have your attention yet? The insane list above is just a FRACTION of the craziness my client's Jodi & Adam endured the months leading up to their wedding. If I had a dollar for everytime I told them "guys, seriously, nothing else can remotely still happen", I would be one richhhhh lady! I can confidently say that even with all of those "what if's" Jodi and Adam had a day that was nothing short of amazing.

Every detail was carefully articulated: a beautiful tribute to Jodi's late Grandmother, Flower Grandpa's, a dog ring bearer, a live ceremony painter, a string quartet and a family that rallied around a beautiful couple amidst a global pandemic.

A HUGE shoutout goes out to Jodi who turned into a fast friend and true soul-sister as we like to say! The Block's wedding is one I will never forget and I am truly a better planner because of it.

Thank you to the vendors that came together to make the Block's day nothing short of amazing: Venue & Catering: Grand River Center / Photography: Melissa Cervantes Photography / Videography: CAMJAM Studios / DJ: DreamDay Entertainment / Bakery: Sprinkled Confections / Floral: Reflections of You / Live Painter: P-Ferg Paint / String Quartet: Gabriel's Horns / Decor: Inside Decor Rental / Hair: LAX Studio / Management: Us!