Remember when you were a kid and circled EVERYTHING in the Toys-r-us holiday catalog? The feeling of excitement knowing you would at least get SOMETHING you circled… well, well, well, it looks like time repeats itself because creating your wedding registry gets adults just as excited as the toys-r-us catalog! I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and witnessed a lot in “registry world” so give these tips a read!

#1. KISS. Keep it simple sweetie. You do not need to register at 3+ stores. I find that you receive the most when your lists are focused. Examples: Bed Bath and Beyond has EVERYTHING however you may have a few odds and ends, Amazon can fill the gaps. Or you are a Target fanatic and you really would like money for your future home. SAY THAT.

#2. It’s okay to ask for money, but be classy. When it comes to weddings, most relatives want to give you something tangibles, for the others who want to simply cut a check it's nice to hear “if you wish to honor us with a gift we would appreciate gift cards to _____ for future home improvements”. Tell the people what you are working towards!

#3. Now is the time to donate items you used through college! Spending money on nice items will last the long haul. Here are some of my favorite staples:

  • Pot/Pan set

  • Matching dish set (unlikely that you need China…)

  • Flatware (forks, knifes, spoons)

  • Glasses!

  • Coffee Pot

  • Air Fryer *my personal favorite

  • Crock-Pot (2 sizes: larger for meals, smaller for dips)

  • Hand mixer

  • Kitchen utensil set (includes all the basics)

  • Knife block

  • Mixing bowls

  • Measuring cups/spoons

  • Baking set

  • Pyrex dish

  • Cutting boards

  • Salt and Pepper grinder

  • Garbage can

  • Vacuum

#4. Get the towels. And yes, you need washcloths and hand towels as well.

#5. Sheet set! Nothing better than a new set of sheets!

#6. Register for an 8x10 frame. It's inevitable that someone (typically a great Aunt) will buy you a frame for a wedding photo. Best you receive one you actually want.

#7. Another “random” item many do not think of that is typically given is a flower vase! Makes sense right?!

#8. Many stores that offer Registry services either have helpful apps or a staff that is dedicated to assisting engaged couples. Use them!

#9. Creating your registry can be overwhelming. Make a day of it! If you choose to register in person, pick a few categories (example, Kitchen and Bath) and then go celebrate and have a drink! Head back another day to finish the other categories!

#10. Do not be afraid to continue adding registry items as you discover additional items you may want. However, do not feel obligated to add more because items are being bough quickly. The fall back is always gifts of money!

#11. WRITE THE THANK YOU CARD. Time is of the essence, get those hand-written suckers done quickly and show your appreciation.

Let’s talk price points!

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when creating your registry is the cost of each item. With so many wedding registry ideas to pick from, it can be easy to add the most luxurious (and expensive) gifts to your wishlist. It is important to include a few high-ticket items, because some guests will want to splurge on your wedding present. But also be sure to cater your wedding registry list to all guests, including those who might be working with a smaller budget. I recommend adding a range of wedding gifts between $50 and $200+. Having plenty of gift options at various price points will create an easy gifting experience for your nearest and dearest.

To wrap up my ramble here are a few items I see often that are registered for and not purchased or used often by the newlyweds:

  • Spice set- you know the spices you use most often, and yes spices do get old if they are not used

  • Décor- overall people prefer giving gadgets and money over décor. That’s okay though, who doesn’t want to take a trip to Target

  • Picnic basket- always super cute, never used.

  • TV- use the money you receive for this one 😉

Happy Shopping!