Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget?

What is one of the first things a woman does when she gets engaged? Other than blasting her social media feeds ofcourse, she is on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform offering seemingly endless inspiration when it comes to all things wedding: from the dress to the decor, signature cocktails, flowers and everything in between. Pinterest allows users to create multiple digital inspiration boards where they pin images and articles from around the web or from saved items on their desktops. Brides, their bridal parties, and planners can create boards for cakes, venues, dresses, decor and much more. The search function lets users simply type in the name of an image they’re interested in seeing (such as “wedding cake”) and instantly view hundreds of related pins before “pinning” the ones that they love.

This user-friendly tool however has potential to be double ended sword and un-realistic ideas and wants for the future newlyweds. Lets rephrase that, everything is possible- however if you have a champagne taste on a beer budget, you have to be creative. . . Woman have A LOT of ideas, which is great! As planners we thrive on ideas, a couple with a vision is a blessing. However what couples do not acknowledge as an important first step in their engagement is discussion the dreadful word... budget.

Having a budget in mind before you scroll through Pinterest changes your mindset. The search feature on Pinterest is great for thrifty couples or couples that want to save some cash. You can search things such as "DIY wedding decorations" (DIY standing for Do It Yourself) and save a lot of money.

Wedding planners and consultants can be instrumental in helping your Pinterest come to life. What is important to remember, is that we are trained on budget handling. We know how a budget can be altered to fit your "must haves" vs. things that are not necessarily needed.

At the end of the day, Pin away. But remember, Pinterest pictures are pretty but how can you create your dream affordably? While we are on the topic of budgets, have you budgeted for a wedding planner? At the end of the day planners are here to ultimately save you money and save you stress. Think about that. There is a planner out there for everyone.