Top 10 Wedding Tips!

Planning a wedding can bring about a lot of emotion! Having a wedding planning/manager team on your side will help you navigate the in's and out's of everything. However, here is B-Rads top 10 wedding tips!

1. Plan for the weather- Always. No questions.

2. Don't DIY too much! Suggested is 60% professional & 40% DIY. Yes, DIY can save some change here and there- however save yourself some stress and rent that donut wall.

3. Practice walking with your veil! Believe it or not, veils can be complicated. If a bride has a cathedral length veil especially, it will drag on the ground. Make sure the surface she will be walking down (i.e. the aisle) is possible! The last thing you need is your veils dainty beading getting stuck on grass or snagging the aisle runner.

4. You can book things last minute! Couples think they need to book everything far in advance. We do recommend getting vendors secured early, however there are still GREAT vendors with availability up until your wedding day. Your choices may be slim, but talk to your wedding planning team for recommendations!

5. Always have a 4 week RSVP window. Just do it.

6. It's okay to change your mind! The wedding planning process timeline typically takes 1 year, if not longer. Your favorite color when you get engaged may be different 6 months out. If small changes are needed its okay, visions evolve and change. We do advise not changing items that you have already put money into.

7. Hire people you like! Your wedding vendor team are the ones that are making your dream a reality and frankly you will be spending the best day of your life with them. Choice vendors who understand your vision and you truly like. *cough cough* the cheapest vendor may not be the best fit for you. P.S We think we are pretty cool!

8. You will be tired and that is OKAY! You do not need to stop by the hotel bar with your second Uncle Fred after the reception.

9. Assign someone to pack up. Please, please, PLEASE leave the packing of your wedding decor, gifts, etc. to your family, friends or wedding planning team. You don't want the last memory of your wedding to be shoving centerpieces in your car.

10. Stop and look around. Your wedding day is scheduled to a T and it's easy to get caught up with the frenzy. Remember to take a moment (preferably alone with your spouse) to take in your surroundings.