What does B-Rad mean anyway?

Many have asked, so its time to give ‘B-Rad’ the explanation it deserves! No, it is not a cute way to say “Brad”, its quite simple actually. B-Rad is short for Brittany Radish, our owner! In Middle School for whatever reason one of her several nicknames stuck, that being B-Rad. She has several friends that will claim ownership for this name, but to be honest Brittany doesn’t truly remember who said it first! When Brittany started this company she was engaged to her finance Andrew. Knowing that she would soon be taking his last name, she thought this business would be a great way to keep a part of her last name "alive", as well as turn her nickname into a play on words! As our tagline states, “Striving to make your moment, B-Rad, B-Memorable & B-Yours”… Why? Because it is true!